CANTAB Corporate Health supports DWP Fuller Working Lives Programme

The Department of Work and Pensions has just launched the strategy document for its Fuller Working Lives Programme. The ambition is to support individuals aged 50 years and over to remain in and return to the labour market and tackle the barriers to doing so.

It explains how as the population ages, employers need to draw on the skills and experience of older workers to avoid loss of labour. It also explains how working longer can improve the health and well-being of individuals and bring the benefits of a multi-generational workforce to businesses.

CANTAB Corporate Health has supported the development of the strategy as part of the health management group. One of the key areas of health as we get older is cognition – our thinking ability.  Our cognitive health determines what work we can do and how long we can do it.

Giving people the opportunity to assess their cognition enables them to make informed decisions about their current health and their plans for the future.

The strategy document and background evidence are on the Gov.UK website.

DWP Fuller Working Lives