CANTAB Insight

CANTAB Insight is a CE Marked Medical Device for use in age 18+.

CANTAB Insight measures an individual’s cognitive health across five key domains.


Cognitive domains measured include:

  • Executive function – central control, planning, strategy, and flexible thinking
  • Processing speed – the ability to perform mental tasks quickly and efficiently
  • Attention – the ability to concentrate and actively process information
  • Working memory – how we hold information while processing or acting on it, which is key for reasoning, comprehension and learning
  • Episodic memory – memory of events and experiences (what happened, where and when). This function is most likely to be affected by age related cognitive decline

An in-built depression scale also assesses current mood.

Key features:

  • Average completion time 20 minutes.
  • Effective for detecting cognitive impairment even in highly functioning individuals.
  • Language independent and non-culture specific
  • Results adjusted for age, gender and level of education