The CEO Magazine

The CEO Magazine is a monthly business magazine for CEOs and executives, available around the world in print and online. It is of interest to business leaders who are looking for insights to stay ahead of their competition.

CANTAB Corporate Health are pleased to be featured in an article entitled “Do leaders really need to care about employee brain health?”. The article is written by the Medical Practitioner, Dr. Jenny Brockis, who is actively teaching organisations “how to become more brain aware”, with a goal of increasing mental performance. In the article, Dr. Jenny Brockis discusses cognition and its relationship to physical and mental wellbeing, as well looking at the potential return on investment for businesses looking to improve the wellness of their employees.

We are pleased that the importance of mental health in the workplace has been acknowledged by such a respected magazine. Cognitive function in the modern working world will no doubt become more and more important as profit margins tighten and businesses look for ways to increase productivity.

You can read the article here.